About Us

About Us

Stop the Scrolling, Start the Healing


On your next coffee or lunch break, we invite you to break the habit of the endless social media scrolling and instead, spend this important time refreshing your spirit through our guided exercises, or learning more about how to improve your resiliency.

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Relax. Refresh. Renew. Repeat.

The Healthcare Rest Stop was created to provide healthcare professionals with an online place of respite from their demanding work schedules and personal commitments. Post-pandemic burnout continues to impact healthcare organizations and their practitioners. At the heart of healthcare professional well-being and engagement is a sense of community and workplace connectedness, as well as a restored sense of purpose, positivity, and focus that creates resilience. Intentionally creating time and space for connection in the workplace can be challenging, so that’s why we are developing this online rest stop for the healthcare community. We encourage you to bookmark this site and return to it regularly, as we continue to add content. The Healthcare Rest Stop is an enterprise of Keystone Media Inc. and Keystone Continuing Education, LLC. It is affiliated with Healthcare Hygiene magazine, launched in October 2019 by a career journalist who is the daughter of a nurse and who is committed to offering the highest quality content and continuing education to healthcare stakeholders.

Meet Our Team Members

Meet our team members who have joined forces to leverage their entrepreneurial skills, nursing know-how, and education prowess.

Kelly and Bella

Kelly M. Pyrek, Publisher/Editor & Creative Director

Kelly is a 35-year journalist who has served as a newspaper and magazine editor in top metropolitan markets. She has specialized in healthcare journalism and publishing for the last 23 years, and is the author of five textbooks on forensic science and medico-legal issues.  She is publisher/editor of Healthcare Hygiene magazine as well as CEO of Keystone Media Inc., based in Colorado.  Bella, the goldendoodle, is the real boss around the office.

Karyn Buxman

Karyn Buxman, Content Visionary & Contributor

Karyn Buxman, RN, CSP, CPAE, is an international speaker, successful author, and neurohumorist (living at the intersection of the brain and humor). Karyn is a pioneer in the field of applied humor, starting with her masters thesis in graduate school and now continues her partnerships with leading neuroscientists. Today Karyn helps leaders—and those they serve—achieve peak performance and optimum health through the art and science of applied humor.