Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Day


The team at The Healthcare Rest Stop announces its campaign to make Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Day, November 15, an annual local and national observance.

We are pleased to announce that the City of San Diego will be the first city in the U.S. to officially proclaim November 15, 2022, as Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Day, part of Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Month, which we are working to establish as an annual observance every November.  it is our hope to get this on everyone's radar by Nov. 15, 2023!

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation’s healthcare professionals were under siege by long workdays in institutions that were chronically short-staffed and under-resourced. The SARS-Co-V2 outbreak severely taxed facilities in all delivery sectors across the healthcare continuum, forcing our national workforce to care for patients with a then-unfamiliar contagious disease, without proper personal protective equipment and lacking the essentials to deliver quality patient care due to massive disruptions in the national and global supply chain.

Frontline healthcare workers set aside their own fears and jeopardized their personal health to care for large populations of sick patients in overrun hospitals for two years while they, public health experts and governments worked together to address this global crisis.  These healthcare heroes who have watched patients die and their peers succumb to the pandemic have suffered immense amounts of stress which have evolved into burnout and even moral distress. This has triggered an exodus of healthcare personnel from the workforce, with the American Hospital Association and others predicting the loss of one-third of healthcare professionals from the field within the next year.

Public and private sectors, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, are recognizing that this exodus must be arrested, and systems and programs put in place to address this widespread burnout and the disastrous effects this will have on patient health and safety.

In recognition of these efforts and with a goal of raising awareness of the need for partnerships, we suggest that all cities can play a critical role in making Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Day and Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Month an annual event to promote these observances and drive real and lasting improvement in the lives of the healthcare heroes in our communities and the nation’s 20 million healthcare workers.

We invite healthcare professionals and their institutions to join us in our campaign to make Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Day a national observance.

Here's what you can do:

STEP 1: Contact your state or local government office

Governors, county executives, mayors, state legislatures, municipalities, counties, cities or towns can issue proclamations. For city proclamations, a mayor, city manager or city marshal may be the person to sign. For counties, it will most likely be the county commissioners.

Go to that government entity's website and look for a tab called “Submit a request for proclamation” or “Forms,” under which the proclamation request guidelines may be located. Otherwise, use the site’s search feature and type in the word “proclamation.” The website will likely share its specific guidelines for requesting a proclamation, so be sure to note the preferred format. This information will allow you to begin to draft an effective proclamation.

STEP 2: Draft your proclamation

There are two styles to choose from when writing your proclamation: traditional and modern. They differ in format; however, the purpose is the same and they are equally effective. While the traditional format is the most frequently used, be sure to clarify which style is preferred with your local official prior to drafting your proclamation.

Traditional proclamations begin with a series of statements starting with the words “whereas,” meaning “because,” “inasmuch” or “since.” Each clause states the problem or issue being addressed and is followed by a concluding phrase beginning with “therefore,” which specifically requests the support or action needed. Modern proclamations are written in a letter format.


Be certain to follow the guidelines provided by the government office. Be prepared to have an electronic version of your proclamation available. Most offices will print the proclamation on official letterhead or certificate paper, therefore, sending them an electronic version is usually requested.

STEP 3: Follow the guidelines for submitting a proclamation request

Each city, county and state will have their own guidelines and procedures for signing proclamations. The easiest way to research your city, county or state’s guidelines is to look on its website and search for the term “proclamation.” Some of the larger cities and counties will have proclamation guidelines listed. Smaller cities and counties may provide contact information on the website to call or email for proclamation information.

The following information is usually required when submitting a proclamation request:

A draft text of the proclamation in the preferred format
The purpose of the proclamation (e.g., Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Day/Month)
The date when the proclamation is needed (November 15 of every year)
A brief history of your organization
The name and daytime telephone number and/or email address of the contact person

STEP 4: Allow enough time

The wheels of government turn slowly, so be sure to begin the proclamation request process at least two to three months in advance of your event date or as soon as possible. Timing is key if you want to be able to have the proclamation announced at a city council or county commissioner meeting. You may be required to send a copy of the proclamation to these representatives two to eight weeks ahead of the meeting, depending on the size of your city or county. Keep in mind that some legislatures are not in session during the summer (particularly in August), so you may need to build in extra time to find a local official who can sign your proclamation. Do not hesitate to follow up to check the status of your proclamation and upon doing so, offer to provide any additional information the official may need.

STEP 5: Share your proclamation with us

We will be posting photos and information on every Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Day/Month observance in every city, so send yours to: